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About Us


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Our Birth

We’re Start-up born out of a passion to make great products.  Transeus focus mainly on website design and development services and was founded on a basic principle: build great experiences with beautiful interfaces and awesome technologies. We try to make the web and mobile scene a better place by helping people. Great products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use. We believe that our products should not only be eye catching but also provide a great user experience. Our strategic location in Thrissur, India, provides us the strategic advantage of delivering great products and team availability from near-shore locations.

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Something Specially New

Our venture is introduced as a result of hard work put forth by our young team members, who are passionate about technology and its quality, with the aim of establishing Smart Concepts with a promising future, keeping in mind the needs of our valuable customers and their utmost satisfaction. We stand apart from others with our willingness to experiment and bring out the best and most efficient innovation beneficial to all in common. While we promise to keep up what we stand for, we assure our customers with all the necessary IT support they seek with optimum usage of technology and high quality service in what we deliver

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Our Company Vision

We will increase the value of our company and our global portfolio of diversified brands by exceeding customers’ expectations and achieving market leadership and operating excellence in every segment of our company.

Our Team

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[us_person image=”5986″ name=”Jenson Yohannan” role=”Designer ” link=”url:%2Fpages%2Fperson-page%2F|||” facebook=”” linkedin=””][/us_person]

Our Clients

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